Creating exceptional customer journeys & amazing experiences for your clients and customers

How do you create an exceptional customer experience for your clients and customers? As a customer yourself you will have bought or signed up for a service or product and experienced a really great or a really shite customer experience and you KNOW how much it matters!

In this Disobedient Business Bite, we dig into carefully crafting exceptional customer journeys and amazing customer experiences for your clients and customers. By the end of this 75-minute class, you will be…

how to map out your customer journey that isn't arbitrary, but works for you and for your community.

how to use automation in a way that adds to your customers' journeys, rather than making them feel like they're on a conveyor belt.

add in gamification and use automation to motivate your customers and engage them.

This Disobedient Business Bite is for you if...

you care deeply about more than just the programme or service you deliver.

you have existing customer journeys that you would like to improve to create raving repeat customers.

you are planning a new offer or group programme in the foreseeable future and want to bake in an amazing experience.

you want people that work with you to feel valued, well-informed, and be delighted by their welcome, and excited for the future (I mean who doesn't?).

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Hey I'm Pippa Parfait and I’m the OG Disobedient Business Strategist, Coach & Mentor and I help business owners do things differently - disobediently! Let’s set fire to the rule book, redefine success and make a good living while doing it!

Pippa Parfait

Co-Founder & Business Coach, Disobedient Business Co 

Pippa is generous with her knowledge, experience and insights – all round someone you really want in your corner.

It's TOTALLY aligned with my rebel personality! Loved that this gives permission to do it my way.

It was fun! It really helped me work some big ideas without getting caught up in the language and technical words.

So easy to follow and unlocked a whole load of stuff I really care about.