Disobedient Business Bites

stop spending a fortune on tech and invest your money where you really need to instead

In this Disobedient Business Bite, hosted by Lucy Parfait, we will be diving into the magical realm of Google Workspace, Stripe, and Flodesk, where we'll unveil the "secret formula" to set up (all) your essential business systems for less than £25 a month. Yep, you heard that right—more bang for your buck and less pennies down the drain on pointless tech subscriptions! It's time to ditch the confusion and embrace the tech tools that'll make your service-based business rock and roll! 

We know what you're thinking; can this workshop really make my tech dreams come true while still leaving me with enough cash for fancy coffee and my Netflix subscription? Well, friend, you better believe it! With a no-nonsense approach and a sprinkle of tech wizardry, we'll guide you through the wonderland of Google Workspace, where email, document collaboration, and video calls become your best buddies. Say goodbye to the days of tech overwhelm and hello to a streamlined, productive, and oh-so-smooth business operation! 

But wait, there's more! We'll show you how to get the most out of Stripe, the cool cat of payment gateways, so you can effortlessly collect your hard-earned cash. No more chasing clients for payment or dealing with wild PayPal fees—Stripe's got your back, and we'll teach you all the tricks to make it dance to your financial tune! And if that's not enough, we'll dive into Flodesk, the email marketing platform that'll make your subscribers swoon. Stunning templates, seamless automation, and click-worthy campaigns—all at a price that'll make your wallet do a happy dance, with money left over to invest where you actually want or need to!

Who's it for or why would you come along?

Earlier stages* online service-based business owners where investing in the right kind of support and not a gazillion tech subscriptions is critical. We'll help you navigate the tech maze and set up a cost-effective system that supports your business growth without breaking the bank.

Tech-curious entrepreneurs on a budget: If you've been eyeing those fancy tech tools but have been hesitant to invest due to their hefty price tags, this workshop is your golden ticket! We'll show you how to leverage Google Workspace, Stripe, and Flodesk to build a powerful tech infrastructure for less than £25 a month. Say hello to big savings and goodbye to pointless tech expenses! There's time (and money) for the big guns another day.

* by "earlier stages" we're talking about folks in their first year or two where consistent income or clients has not yet happened (if this is you, this Bite is )

Delve into this Bite for a whirlwind adventure into the world of Google Workspace, Stripe, and Flodesk. Say goodbye to pointless tech expenses and hello to being able to invest in the kind of support you actually need in your business!

There may even be a secret goody stashed at the end of the presentation for you

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Hey I'm Lucy Parfait and I'm the slightly less rebellious Tech & Systems Strategist and Podcast Editor and I help business owners wrangle badly behaving tech into smooth and sexy AF systems!

Lucy Parfait

Co-Founder & Tech and Systems Strategist, Disobedient Business Co. 

Pippa is generous with her knowledge, experience and insights – all round someone you really want in your corner.

It's TOTALLY aligned with my rebel personality! Loved that this gives permission to do it my way.

It was fun! It really helped me work some big ideas without getting caught up in the language and technical words.

So easy to follow and unlocked a whole load of stuff I really care about.