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where TF are all my courses?

Where TF are all my courses? was inspired by conversations with fellow biz owners who have *cough* more than one programme, offering or course on the go. Y'know those folks who like to create stuff, get it on sale quickly, add a cheeky bump or upsell on and revisit later .

problem is...
  • how do you keep track of what's on sale where?
  • what bump did you put on that course and for how much?
  • what's that pretty link again - I know I created one and fuck knows what the Thrivecart link is
  • did I put an upsell on there - if so, which one and again How Fucking Much!??
  • I mean seriously, I just want all the information to be in one flipping place!!!

this quick to complete and to implement training & template will

give you an overview of all that you offer in your business in one easy peasy Google Sheet place (*Airtable version coming August '23*).

allow you to filter by type or format or all sorts of other data so you can see where the gaps and opportunities are in your business.

track all the links to everything you sell all in one place (especially helpful if you have a Lizzy Goddard "Everything Page").

allow you to super easily add in other measures and drop downs for custom data that you want to add into the template.'s a must-have for multi-offer biz owners!!

Let's get this ball rolling!

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