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track the revenue in your business like a financial badass
(and as nan used to say, “look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves” which  =  you gotta track your cash!)

You really ( like really ) want to be someone who knows what money is coming in, what offers are generating revenue and can totally tell you the dollars and cents of last month’s revenue... and you know getting on top of properly tracking your biz finances is exactly what you need to achieve just that. The problem is…

There’s not enough hours in the day to do all the work and do that

Spreadsheets are just not your zone of genius and frankly, the thought of trying to create one to do this is

Truthfully you don’t really want to know what’s coming in and from where and when as that info might not tell you what you want it to

It’s on the to-do list but it’s really not all that close to the top

If you’re over there nodding and feeling a teeny tiny bit too seen, we’ve got you! 

Instead, wouldn’t it be lush if you could…

Spend just 30-60 minutes a month popping your finances into a tidy little place that will tell you exactly where you are .

No longer be bamboozled by the numbers so you can make clear decisions in your business based on what’s working and what isn’t .

Not be hiding from those numbers - we know they can be scary but knowing where you’re at is the how to get where you want to be .

Feeling like the badass biz owner you really are when it comes to talking money in your business .

Well, we’ve got some good news to share:

introducing: where TF is all my money?

A short and easy to implement training and Google Sheet template to help you organise and track the shit out of your revenue with ease and only a teeny bit scary (we can’t fix everything soz).

with where TF is all my money? you will be able to:

Set up the tracking sheet to easily track your monthly and quarterly revenue.

Set a monthly/quarterly target budget for sales and adjust activities to fit the budget (or adjust the budget to fit the activities).

Use all that spare time you’re not worrying about where TF all your money is, to work on your business and stop spinning in circles.

Track that all-important recurring revenue with our bonus sheet tracker - cash flow is EVERYTHING, right?

Sit back and sip your beverage of choice while knowing that you just this was £9 fucking well spent!

what's included?

Google Sheet tracker template ready to be customised containing sheets to track monthly and quartlery revenue, simple but effective formulas (don't worry you don't have to fiddle with them).

Additional recurring revenue sheet to track that all-important cashflow.

Over-the-shoulder walkthrough of using the template and customising it to make it work for you.

Fun bonus walkthrough for Thrivecart users wanting to automate their sales figures into a sheet in the tracker.

Let's get this ball rolling!

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